• A Guide to Preventing Pothole Damage

    A Guide to Preventing Pothole Damage Preventing Pothole Damage | Rim Doctor

    Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the roads in America were as smooth as the roads in car commercials? In reality, almost one-third of roads in the U.S. are in poor condition, which means your car takes a beating almost every time you hit the open road. Driving over a pothole can cause significant tire and wheel damage, along with steering and suspension problems. To minimize rim damage and other problems, avoid potholes whenever possible. If you can’t avoid a pothole, drive straight through it and don’t brake inside the pothole. Turning your wheels and braking too late can place additional stress on the tires, wheels, and suspension setup. Watch this video for more tips on preventing pothole damage.

    Baltimore and Washington D.C. drivers deal with potholes on a daily basis, which is why rim and wheel repair shops in the area stay so busy. If you notice a cracked or bent rim, visit a rim repair shop in the area as soon as possible. Besides being unsightly and embarrassing, bent rims can also be dangerous.

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  • Tips for Driving Safely Over Potholes

    Tips for Driving Safely Over Potholes

    Potholes are a driver’s worst enemy. Besides jostling everyone inside a vehicle, potholes can cause significant automotive damage ranging from bent rims and cracked bumpers to extensive steering and suspension damage. You may even lose control of your vehicle after hitting a pothole, which puts you and your passengers in a lot of danger. While you should avoid potholes as much as possible, it’s not realistic to think that you’ll always be able to safely steer your vehicle around a depression or hole in the road. That being said, there are things you can do to minimize rim damage and retain control of your vehicle in the event that you drive over a pothole, such as:

    Slow Down

    If you’re on a collision course with a pothole and you can’t swerve or switch lanes before impact, at least slow down to minimize damage to your rims and other vehicle components. Slow down before you hit the pothole, not while you’re hitting it. Braking directly over a pothole can actually cause more damage.

    Brace for Impact

    As you slow down, hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control and quickly scan the area so you know how to react should you start to lose control of your vehicle. Make a quick announcement to your passengers so they can prepare to take the bump. Someone can easily knock a tooth out or bust a lip if they try to drink out of a thermos while hitting a pothole.

    Look for Damage

    Driving Safely Over Potholes | Rim Doctor

    Learn to recognize the symptoms of pothole damage , as it may affect your vehicle’s safety and performance. If your vehicle pulls toward the left or right instead of going straight, it may be out of alignment. Also check the air pressure in each tire after running over any major potholes. And if you notice wheel rim damage, visit a rim repair ship in Baltimore. A bent or cracked wheel is as dangerous as it is unsightly.

  • A Look at the Common Causes of Rim Damage

    A Look at the Common Causes of Rim Damage

    Even though rims are made of metal, they aren’t indestructible. On the contrary, rims are vulnerable to a number of road hazards. The scary truth is that a bent or cracked rim can happen at any time. Although you can’t protect your car’s rims from all the hazards on the road, you can have peace of mind knowing that should any of your rims become damaged you can have them repaired at a rim repair shop in Baltimore . To help you keep your rims looking their best, avoid these common causes of rim damage the best you can.


    Rim Damage | Rim Doctor

    If you want to protect your rims, avoid potholes like the plague. Even minor depressions in the roadway can cause significant rim damage, even at low speeds. Hitting a pothole at the right angle and with the right amount of force can bend and twist a rim, which can consequently affect your vehicle’s handling and performance. If you’ve ran over your fair share of potholes, inspect the rims on your car and visit a wheel repair shop in the D.C. area if you notice any damage.

    Brake Dust

    Each time your press the brakes on your car, fine amounts of brake dust coats the wheels. Over time, this fine black dust will burn into the rim’s surface, resulting in pitted, dark-colored wheels . Fortunately you can have your wheels refinished, which is significantly cheaper than buying a brand new set of rims.

    Curb Damage

    Have you ever taken a turn too sharply and bumped the curb? If so, one or more of your rims may already have damage. Parking alongside tall curbs can also be dangerous for your wheels, since the cement of the curb will grind the paint and finish while putting gouges in the metal. If you see any noticeable scratches or cracks, visit a rim repair shop before you decide to purchase new rims outright.

  • Getting to Know Rim Doctor

    Getting to Know Rim Doctor Rim Doctor | Baltimore and Washington D.C.

    Are you riding around on a scratch, dented, or bent rim? If so, bring your vehicle in to see the doctor—the Rim Doctor, that is. Since 2003, Rim Doctor has been providing wheel rim refinishing and restoration services for drivers in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Rim Doctor offers a full line of wheel and tire repair solutions out of two convenient service locations. Can’t make the drive? Rim Doctor can come to you thanks to a fleet of mobile service vans. Same day service is available on most rim repair and restoration jobs, and free estimates are always provided.

    If your rims have seen better days, the rim and wheel repair experts at Rim Doctor can help. You can expect the best work and the fairest prices, guaranteed. Don’t be embarrassed of your bent or scratched rims, and don’t shell out hundreds of dollars or more for new rims; visit Rim Doctor instead.