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Say Goodbye to Unsightly Cracks in Your RimsWheel Welding in Baltimore

Eventually, your wheels are going to wear down. If you’ve been driving your vehicle for a while, you may notice small cracks forming on your alloy wheels. While these cracks may seem harmless, they can destroy your tires and limit your driving ability. At Rim Doctor, we can repair your wheels and rid them of cracks through our welding service.

The Causes of Cracked Wheels

The ultimate cause of a cracked wheel is excessive force on your car’s tires. Depending on how brittle the alloy on your tire is, some wheels succumb to damage easier than others. A significant pothole or raised maintenance hole covering are the usual culprits of cracked wheels, as they are common and sometimes challenging to avoid.

The Dangers of Cracked Wheels

A crack in your wheel can let the air escape your tire, and you may not notice until you’re driving, which can result in hazardous driving conditions. Small cracks may seem harmless, but over time they will grow and cause problems for you. In severe cases, cracks widen and develop a “Y” shape, leading to an entire chunk of your wheel falling off.

The Welding Process

The goal of our welding process is to maximize the strength of your wheel without softening the alloy. We weld the outer and inner portions of your wheel using advanced wheel welding equipment to minimize the amount of heat transferred and prevent softening. Once the weld is complete, the bead of solder will be made smooth to ensure the proper functionality of your wheel.

Benefits of Welding Services

  • Less money
  • Reduced risk of tire damage
  • Longer tire use
  • Cost-effective solution

Wheel Welding vs. Wheel Replacement

At Rim Doctor, we ensure high-quality welds to rectify the cracks in your wheels. There is a possibility of hitting a pesky pothole at the same angle and re-cracking your wheel. In most instances, we can reweld and send you on your way. However, when a welded wheel is damaged in other areas, it may be too risky to repair and will need to be replaced.

The Importance of Having a Professional Handle the Job

Wheels must be straightened before the correction and slightly adjusted after the welding. Doing this without specialized equipment puts you at risk of breaking the weld and further damaging your wheel. Smoothing the welded bead also requires precision, as we aim to keep the alloy as durable as possible, which is why it’s imperative that a professional handle it.

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Let’s Discuss Your Rim Welding Repair

Cracks in your rims can cause more significant damage than you think. When left untreated, the crack may cause your tire to leak air or ultimately deteriorate. You may not notice your tire deflating until you’re on the road, which can lead to a dangerous situation. Prevent further damage with the help of our specialists; contact Rim Doctor today!

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