Wheel Repair Services in Baltimore

Repair Your Damaged WheelsWheel Repairs & Services in Baltimore

Here at Rim Doctor, we take your wheels seriously. Some may neglect to take care of their wheels while others obsess with keeping the rims clean. Our technicians prioritize not only the appearance of wheels, but the quality as well. We’re dedicated to restoring your wheels to mint condition. With our comprehensive services and professional technicians, we ensure your wheels provide your car long-term beauty and performance.

Rim Doctor offers services, including:

  • Commercial wheel repair: Do you own a dealership or body shop? If so, our technicians can provide wheel repairs.
  • Residential wheel repair: We can do everything from residential cosmetic wheel refinishing to wheel replacement.
  • Refinishing: Car washes have nothing on us. Our skilled technicians refinish and refine your wheels to flawless condition.
  • Restoration: There are all sorts of outside elements working against your wheels. Protect their beauty with our help.
  • Straightening: Tires are dependent upon wheels. Ensure your wheels are safe by letting our experts straighten your wheels.
  • Welding: Rather than using a sealant to fix small cracks on your wheels, we weld the cracks away.
  • Bent rim repair: A vibrating vehicle can indicate a bent rim, which we can properly repair at our shop.
  • Wheel repair Baltimore: Wheels demand professionals with experience. Let our technicians take care of your wheels for you.
  • Wheel repair Maryland: Have your wheels repaired by local technicians you can trust. You can rely on our services.
  • Scratched Rim Repair: Rim Doctor is pleased to provide scratched rim repair in Baltimore. No matter how minor the damage to your rim may be, our skilled team members will address it as quickly as possible.
  • Cracked and Bent Wheel Repair: Since your wheels and tires endure constant pressure and exposure, they are the most vulnerable to damage. If one of your wheels becomes bent or cracked, consider scheduling an appointment with Rim Doctor.
  • Headlight Restoration: Restores Dull / Yellowed Headlights fix your old looking headlights and bring them back to life.
  • Powder Coating Wheels: Our precision powder coating services will give your wheels a finish that is both durable and eye catching.
  • Spray-On Bed Liner and Protective Coating: We know you put your truck through a lot. That’s why Rim Doctors range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect your truck and more from the harshest of elements.

Nothing is more rewarding to us at Rim Doctor than seeing you happy. As the premier wheel repair service company serving Baltimore and Glen Burnie, we assure you professional restoration and outstanding customer service. We work closely with you to understand your needs. Using a variety of techniques tailored to your vehicle and tires, you can relax knowing your wheels are receiving proper treatment. Call 443-410-3124 to request a free estimate. Visit us today !

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