Wheel & Rim Repair Services in Baltimore, MD
Wheel & Rim Repair in Baltimore, MD

A car ultimately offers convenience. Sure, you can take public transportation, but a car can take you wherever you want and need to go. Due to its practical use, you want to be able to drive your car for years to come. One of the best ways to ensure top-notch performance is through our wheel repair services at Rim Doctor. We offer a number of services in the Baltimore, MD, area to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. In addition to our repair services, Rim Doctor can improve the aesthetic of your wheels. Whether you want a high gloss finish or custom color applied to your wheels, we can provide it for you. All paint jobs come with a three-year warranty. Contact us to receive a free quote.

Commercial wheel and rim repair

Ensure each car has perfect wheels with Rim Doctor. We provide OEM-level reconditioning to dealerships, which saves you money and restores wheels to factory specifications.Your inventory will look great, you’ll boost revenue, and please your customers. Consider adding a car sponge (мочалка для авто) to your purchase—it’s a simple way to keep your vehicles looking spotless. And with quick turnaround times and same-day service, we’ll get those cars out on the lot quicker than you expected. We also provide our OEM-level reconditioning services to body and tire shops, insurance companies, and service departments!

Residential wheel and rim repair

Bring your car to Rim Doctor for all your wheel services. Whether you need a rim straightened or gloss applied, our expert technicians will get you rolling in style. We also work with your insurance to help you get the coverage for the repairs you need. Contact us for residential wheel and rim repair in the Baltimore, MD, area today!

Wheel and rim straightening

It’s important to keep your wheels straight to keep your car driving safely. Cracked or uneven asphalt, potholes, and bad road conditions can make your wheels crooked. Prevent damage to your steering wheel and suspension system and uneven tire wear with wheel and rim straightening by the experts at Rim Doctor.


Is your car vibrating? Does your steering wheel shake and is it hard to turn in the desired direction? Your car may have bent rims! Bent rims can make driving more difficult and can cause your tires to blow out. We can straighten aluminum alloy and steel car rims. We can straighten your wheels without replacing them! This protects your car and prevents damage to your vehicle. The team at Rim Doctor will quickly inspect your wheels and straighten them to get you back on the road before you know it.

Scratched rim repair

Let’s face it—scratched, scraped, or dinged rims take away from the look of your car. Driving on rough roads, bumping against curbs, and heavy dirt can damage your rims. Here at Rim Doctor, we’ll restore your rims to their former glory and can make them look better than before!

Fix your wheels today

Rim Doctor is your go-to shop in the Baltimore, MD, area for beautiful wheels. Whether you need commercial services like OEM-level reconditioning for cars at your dealership or wheel straightening on the family van, our trained technicians will get your car rolling in better shape than ever. We can also work with your insurance. Contact us at 443-410-3124 to get same-day service for professional wheel repair and more!

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