Commercial Vehicle Wheel Repairs in BaltimoreCommercial Vehicle Wheel Repairs in Baltimore

Commercial customers are the core of Rim Doctor’s service offerings. Whether you’re a pre-owned dealer looking to have a small repair done, an insurance adjuster that requires an OEM-level of reconditioning, or perhaps a Shop Manager looking for a way to increase revenue by taking advantage of our sublet services, Rim Doctor has a convenient and cost-effective solution for you.

Pre-Owned Dealerships

Wheel repair is the obvious solution to keeping the wheels on your pre-owned inventory looking their best without devastating your bottom line. Over the years, Rim Doctor has repaired thousands of wheels and has saved our customers hundreds to thousands of dollars per instance. Whether you become a valued stop on one of our weekly routes or have a one-time “emergency”, be assured that you will be dealing with a certified, professional technician that will give you the most bang for your reconditioning buck. Call now to see how we can provide a solution for your wheel repair needs.

Service Departments

There are numerous ways that your service department can benefit from Rim Doctor’s service line. Not only are we there when one of your techs has a “whoops” moment when mounting a tire, but we can also assist you in implementing a system by which you can utilize our sublet service to create a new stream of revenue for your shop. By selling just a few wheel repairs a week to your existing customer base, you can add thousands to your bottom line each year.

Body Shops/Insurance Companies

When a vehicle incurs collision damage, wheel replacement can be a huge expense. Rim Doctor currently works with national and local insurance companies to offer rapid turn-around, low-cost wheel reconditioning. A reconditioned wheel is finished to factory standards and is guaranteed for life (or as long as the serviced owner owns the vehicle) so that you can be assured that your customer will be satisfied. There are many benefits to utilizing Rim Doctor’s reconditioning services on your collision claims. They include:

  • Rapid turnaround (usually in the same 24 hours)
  • Significant savings (hundreds to thousands per claim)
  • No messing around with cumbersome core returns
  • No more having the wrong wheel shipped to you
  • Last-minute repairs for those quick deliveries
  • Multiple certified technicians in each of our service areas
  • An easy up-sell to body shop customers

As you can see, the potential savings and increased margin are vast. Contact your local Rim Doctor today to embark on the sensible way to do wheel repair.

Tire Shops

You’ve all been there, a quick slip on an expensive wheel and you are staring down and angry customer and a bill in the hundreds to replace your customer’s wheel. Don’t let a small slip swipe your hard-earned profits. Put your local Rim Doctor’s number on your speed dial to keep your profits where they belong…with you!

Additionally, ask about ways that you can take advantage of our sublet services to up-sell your customer’s wheel reconditioning. With a few easy steps you will see your profit margins increase as you act as the middle man for this cutting edge, high-demand service.

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