Local & Environmentally Friendly Wheel Repair Service in Baltimore

Not only does having your local Rim Doctor repair your wheels instead of replacing them, saving you a bunch of cash, it also saves our planet a bunch of carbon exposure while keeping your dollars local! Consider this:

  • Each pound of aluminum recycled saves approximately 1.18 gallons of gasoline. That means if you repair an average set of aluminum wheels, you will have saved the equivalent amount of energy to power a typical home for almost 10 months. (Derived from Can Manufacturers Institute)
  • Recycling aluminum takes up to 95% LESS energy than making new aluminum from raw materials (Mississippi Dept of Environmental Quality)
  • When you have your wheels refinished by your local Rim Doctor, you are investing money back into your LOCAL ECONOMY vs. sending them to a manufacturing plant elsewhere in the country or most likely overseas

Why Choose Us?

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  • Over 15 Years of Experience
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For quicker estimates, please text your name and photos of the Wheels/Rims to (443)-758-8745.