Frequently Asked Questions About Wheel Repair & Refurbishing Services

What types of wheels does Rim Doctor repair?
We offer repairs for most alloy wheels with finishes other than chrome. We will repair wheels from all applicable makes and models.

What is the process to have my wheels repaired?
Visit our Getting Started page.

Is the new finish on my wheels durable?
Yes! We use the highest quality of industrial coating materials to refinish your wheels. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

How long does it take to have my wheel repair done?
In most cases the repair to your wheel will be complete in about 1 hour per wheel.

Do I need to take the wheels off of my car?
In many cases the wheel repair can be done while the wheel is on the vehicle. If a wheel does need to be removed, in most cases, the tire does not have to be removed from the rim saving you time and money!

Can I pick the color I want my wheels to be?
Absolutely, they’re YOUR wheels! Rim Doctor can find an accurate match to the color you want. Whether you want your wheels to match your vehicle, or want a custom finish to set off your ride, Rim Doctor can make it happen. Call us today for more information!

Why Choose Us?

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For quicker estimates, please text your name and photos of the Wheels/Rims to (443)-758-8745.