Curb Rash & Rim Scratch Repair in Baltimore, MD
Scratched Rim Repair in Baltimore, MD

Scratched Rim Repair at Rim Doctor

The rims of your tires can be a defining feature of your vehicle. They add style to your wheels and are also a big part of the functionality of the tire. Even minor damage can be noticeable on a rim and should be treated like any other cosmetic fix on your vehicle, such as a paint scratch or body ding. Keeping your car looking its best helps add value to your vehicle, and Rim Doctor wants to help you maintain the sleek, smooth look of your rims. Damage can occur even with the most minor of incidents. Your tires and wheel rims can really take a beating, as they are the main point of contact when you hit the road. If you find that you are in need of rim scratch repair, our experts at Rim Doctor can handle any type of scratch on any type of finish. We will bring out the shine in your wheel rims.

Causes of Curb Rash and Rim Scratches

Your wheels are the part of the car that take the most impact from the road, so curb rash and rim scratches can be quite common. There are a number of types of damage that can occur while on the road that will require wheel rim scratch repair. Some of the most common cause of rim scratches include:

  • Potholes – Potholes can come up unexpectedly and can cause damage ranging from superficial scratches and dings to bent rims. The amount of damage depends on the speed and angle at which you encounter the pothole. Always inspect your tires if you hit a pothole to see if you have any scratches or damage that may need repair.
  • Curb damage – A brush with a curb might seem like an insignificant incident, but curb rash can cause scratches on your tire rims that may need rim scratch repair. Colliding with a curb or driving over one, especially at a high speed, can cause dings and other damage to your rims.
  • Road debris – It is common to encounter road debris when driving. Unexpected objects can fall onto the road, causing you to swerve or hit the debris. Construction zones frequently have debris that drivers will encounter that can spatter when driven through, causing scratches and dings to rims.
  • Chemicals and dust – Dust, chemicals, and other substances such as road salt can build up on your rims and cause corrosion and scratches. Even the chemicals in some cleaning products can cause buildup on your tire rims, which may require buffing or repair.
  • Flat tires – If your tire pressure is low and you are driving for an extended time without refilling, this can cause pressure on the wheel rim. A tire that does not turn in a balanced manner will collide with the road and debris more often, which can cause scratches.

Any of these causes of rim scratches can lead to the need for car rim scratch repair. Keeping an eye on your wheel rims and tires and checking for damage on a regular basis, especially if you encounter any of these potential hazards, will help you identify issues needing rim scratch repair.

Why You Should Fix Curb Rash

Curb rash and scratches are generally cosmetic issues that can affect the aesthetic appearance of your wheels. Keeping your tires looking new and scratch-free is an important part of maintaining the value of your vehicle. However, scratches that build up over time left untreated, or dings in the wheel rim, can potentially cause long-term issues. Some reasons why scratch rim repair is a good idea include:

  • Preventing suspension issues caused by uneven tire wear
  • Increases car value
  • Less chance of alignment issues
  • Improved appearance for owners

In the case of an obvious issue, taking action would be a given; however, keeping a regular eye on your tire rims for scratches can keep your car looking its best and also prevent other potential issues.

Common Questions About Curb Rash Repair

Q: What Is Curb Rash Repair?

A: Wheel rim scratch repair involves using a sophisticated touch-up, refinishing, and polishing machine to buff out scratches from virtually any scratch on any type of finish.

Q: Can Tire Rim Scratches Get Worse Over Time?

A: Any scratch, especially deep scratches, can gather road dust, debris, and chemicals that can cause corrosion, leading to deterioration of the rim itself. If you notice you need tire rim scratch repair, it’s best to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent these issues.

Q: Is It Possible to Fix My Curb Rash or Scratched Rim Myself?

A: Some problems can be solved with a quick DIY. However, our experts are up-to-date on safety standards and the proper materials to be used, and know how to repair a rim scratch in the most effective way.

 Tips for Protecting Your Rims

Rims can be an expensive accessory on your vehicle, especially if you have custom or high-end rims. Keeping them in good condition is important for the value and health of your car. Some things you can do at home to keep your rims in top shape include:

  • Keep your rims clean – Use a gentle cleanser recommended for the type of rim you have on your car. Our experts at Rim Doctor can help you find the most effective cleaner for you to use on your rims between tune-ups.
  • Take care when driving near curbs or when parallel parking to avoid contact between the curb and your rims.
  • Inspect your wheel rims for scratches and dings so you can address any issues as they occur.

Care and maintenance of your car begins every time you get behind the wheel, but Rim Doctor can help if you find that you are in need of car rim scratch repair.

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