Scratched Rim Repair in Baltimore, MDScratched Rim Repair in Baltimore

Your rims are an important part of your vehicle’s overall aesthetic. If there’s an unsightly scratch, scrape, or ding on your rims, you’ll have a difficult time hiding it. Just as you would have an auto body specialist repair a scratch on your paint job, so should you have a rim repair specialist refinish your damaged rim. Rim Doctor is pleased to provide scratched rim repair in Baltimore. No matter how minor the damage to your rim may be, our skilled team members will address it as quickly as possible.

Tips for Protecting Your Rims

Of course, the best policy is to avoid rim damage in the first place. Here are a few quick tips that will help you keep your rims looking nice.

  • Drive Slowly on Rough Roads: Deep potholes, gravel, and off-roading can exact a heavy toll on your rims. If you must drive over difficult terrain, be sure to do so slowly; your rims will thank you.
  • Be Careful Near Curbs: A lot of rim scratches are caused by driving too close to the curb. When turning, try not to turn too sharply lest your rim suffers a huge scratch. It’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on your side mirrors when parking along the curb.
  • Clean Your Rims Regularly: Just like the rest of your car, your rims are susceptible to damage caused by dirt and debris. When washing your car, consider paying special attention to your rims; the carwash will likely miss a few spots.

Rim Refinishing Methods

Unfortunately, even the most vigilant drivers can’t always avoid rim scratches. If your rim gets damaged in any way, the rim repair experts at Rim Doctor will use their expertise to restore the rim’s former beauty. We can repair virtually any scratch on any kind of finish. Our rim repair methods go well beyond toothbrushes and rubbing alcohol—we use a sophisticated touch-up, refinishing, and polishing equipment that can make your damaged rim look new.

Even if your scratched rim isn’t obvious to others, it may be enough to drive you up the wall. You don’t have to tolerate a scratched rim—instead, bring your vehicle to Rim Doctor of Baltimore for prompt repairs. Wheel restoration is our specialty, and we’ll gladly address whatever scratches your rims incur. Call our office at 443-410-3124 to make an appointment for scratched rim repair.


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