A Look at the Common Causes of Rim Damage

Even though rims are made of metal, they aren’t indestructible. On the contrary, rims are vulnerable to a number of road hazards. The scary truth is that a bent or cracked rim can happen at any time. Although you can’t protect your car’s rims from all the hazards on the road, you can have peace of mind knowing that should any of your rims become damaged you can have them repaired at a rim repair shop in Baltimore. To help you keep your rims looking their best, avoid these common causes of rim damage the best you can.


Pothole Damage in Baltimore, MD

If you want to protect your rims, avoid potholes like the plague. Even minor depressions in the roadway can cause significant rim damage, even at low speeds. Hitting a pothole at the right angle and with the right amount of force can bend and twist a rim, which can consequently affect your vehicle’s handling and performance. If you’ve run over your fair share of potholes, inspect the rims on your car and visit a wheel repair shop in the D.C. area if you notice any damage.

Brake Dust

Each time your press the brakes on your car, fine amounts of brake dust coats the wheels. Over time, this fine black dust will burn into the rim’s surface, resulting in pitted, dark-colored wheels . Fortunately, you can have your wheels refinished, which is significantly cheaper than buying a brand new set of rims.

Curb Damage

Have you ever taken a turn too sharply and bumped the curb? If so, one or more of your rims may already have damage. Parking alongside tall curbs can also be dangerous for your wheels since the cement of the curb will grind the paint and finish while putting gouges in the metal. If you see any noticeable scratches or cracks, visit a rim repair shop before you decide to purchase new rims outright.