Tips for Driving Safely Over Potholes

Tips for Driving Safely Over Potholes

Potholes are a driver’s worst enemy. Besides jostling everyone inside a vehicle, potholes can cause significant automotive damage ranging from bent rims and cracked bumpers to extensive steering and suspension damage. You may even lose control of your vehicle after hitting a pothole, which puts you and your passengers in a lot of danger. While you should avoid potholes as much as possible, it’s not realistic to think that you’ll always be able to safely steer your vehicle around depression or hole in the road. That being said, there are things you can do to minimize rim damage and retain control of your vehicle in the event that you drive over a pothole, such as:

Slow Down

If you’re on a collision course with a pothole and you can’t swerve or switch lanes before impact, at least slow down to minimize damage to your rims and other vehicle components. Slow down before you hit the pothole, not while you’re hitting it. Braking directly over a pothole can actually cause more damage.

Brace for Impact

As you slow down, hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control and quickly scan the area so you know how to react should you start to lose control of your vehicle. Make a quick announcement to your passengers so they can prepare to take the bump. Someone can easily knock a tooth out or bust a lip if they try to drink out of a thermos while hitting a pothole.

Look for Damage

Driving Safety Tips Over Potholes in Baltimore, MD

Learn to recognize the symptoms of pothole damage, as it may affect your vehicle’s safety and performance. If your vehicle pulls toward the left or right instead of going straight, it may be out of alignment. Also, check the air pressure in each tire after running over any major potholes. And if you notice wheel rim damage, visit a rim repair shop in Baltimore. A bent or cracked wheel is as dangerous as it is unsightly.